Warped 808 Subs


The 808 Sub is a staple of many modern styles of music, it's an easy and amazing way of filling up the low end of a song with constant pressure. 808 Bass is very deep and pure, it's roomshaking and conerattling on big systems but it can swamp a mix, and lacking overtones and midrange can also disappear completely when played on small speakers.

One solution for helping the Sub sit better in the mix and translate more across a whole range of audio setups is adding harmonics with distortion.

This collection of samples is just that, a series of classic 808 tones put through the Mutable Instruments Warps module, which is a waveshaper / wavefolder with many different algorhythms and options from subtle grit to total mayhem.

These distorted 808s are aggressive and markedly different, offering a fresh take on a classic sound.

Click Here to download.

The pack contains 16 keylabelled samples in 24 bit / 44 khz .wav format.