Juno Distorted Saw Ableton Instrument

My Roland Juno 6 was originally made in 1983 and while it has some nicks here and there it works perfectly and sounds punchy and warm as you'd expect. It's a very simple, utilitarian 6 voice polysynth that has a very recognizable sonic stamp you can hear all through that era's synth pop and in everywhere in electronic music up to this day.

I was experimenting with the osc set to Sawtooth Wave and recording it through the Elysia Karacter 500 distortion unit. When the Chorus is engaged on the Roland and the Karacter is set to boost the sides in M/S mode something funny happens, you get a very wide, wonky sound with a hint of phase cancellation.


I've made three instruments from this in Ableton Sampler: an evolving, airy pad, a slightly wacky Pluck sound, and a classic, growly, unstable analog Bass tone.

Here's a demo of the Pluck

Download the Ableton Instrument Here