Impulse Response Pack

2016-11-23 13.37.25-2.jpg

I really enjoy experimenting with Convolution for sound design. I wasn't always a fan of this approach as my first experiments didn't yield great results. For what it's worth I still don't think it's a totally convincing technique for 'sampling' the tone of expensive hardware processors, but Diego Stocco turned me on to the more experimental and creative uses of IRs in sound design.

I've put together a small package of IRs starting from recordings processed through an OTO Biscuit, an Eventide Space and an OTO Bam reverb unit.

These are not just reverb impulses, some are distortions, some can generate drones or long atmospheres and some just change the spectrum of the original signal.

Here's a short demo track in which almost every sound is processed through on of the IRs in this pack. Although it sounds murky and quite lo-fi I really dig the organic quality of the sound, it's a great way to inject some unpredictability and sense of realness into synthesized sounds.

And here's the link to download the pack. The IRs are 24 bit, 96khz .wav files. BleoopcomIRPACK01