Rope A Dope 2

Working on Rope A Dope 2 was amazing. Doing sound design and mixing on highly choreographed action and fighting is challenging, but when you get it right it’s very satisfying: it really helps sell the impacts a lot better.

Take 15 minutes to watch this: it’s a very funny, fast paced little gem of a movie, and there’s some awesome fighting in it.

Working on martial arts / action movies is always quite challenging, because the sound cues are vital in selling the hits, and timing and timbre are essential.

There’s a certain quality people associate with punches, kicks and other hits, and while the classic kung fu flicks sounds may not sound very realistic the expectation is there for a solid hit to sound both sharp and deep, with lots of air movement.

Power is difficult to convey in the right way, i needed a lot of trial and error to find my own signature sounds.