808 robot

808 robot is a Twitter bot that tweets an 808 Sub Bass sample every day. It selects randomly from a pretty large pool of samples which have been recorded through different processing chains to get different flavors of saturation, distortion and punch.

Hardware used includes the OTO machines Biscuit, Boum and Bim, Elysia Karacter, Elysia Xpressor and Xfilter units, DBX Subharmonic Synth, Api and Capi Preamps, EHX Graphic Fuzz, Analogizer, Bass Big Muff, Boss DS-2 and Proco RAT pedals, Kush Audio Tweaker and the Mutable Instruments Warps Wavefolder.

Screenshot 2019-04-16 at 17.14.16.png

This is just the first step and proof of concept for a series of tools I want to build, with the idea of providing a daily source of inspiration to start new musical projects.

808robot also answers to queries, you can tweet @808robot and use the following syntax

@808robot hit me - to get a sample just for you
@808robot send memes - to get a funny pic as well

Here’s a short video that shows the bot in action