Blindsided: The Game

After blind man Walter Cooke (Eric Jacobus) prevents a local gang from shaking down his local grocer Gordon (Roger Yuan), Walter must reckon with the gang's boss Sal (Joe Bucaro). The stakes are high, but Walter's got an ace up his sleeve.

Directed by Clayton J. Barber

Screenplay by Clayton J. Barber, Eric Jacobus

Working on Blindsided:The Game has been a challenge, one of those really satisfying type of challenges that spur you to find better solutions and push yourself further.

Walter, the protagonist, is blind and relies almost exclusively on auditory cues to navigate the world and interact with people and objects, and since a lot of these interactions involve amazing stunts and highly choreographed fight scenes sound plays a really important role in the movie.

I came into the project quite late during the postproduction phase, and my main objective was to try and build a realistic, organic world of sound around the characters.

The dynamic range of audio in the movie is massive, Walter’s heightened hearing gives him and the audience an almost supernatural ability to hear the softest sounds and at the same time things can get really loud when punches are thrown and guns are fired.

This broad scope gave me the chance to work in some highly stylized cues, but I tried hard to keep them grounded in an ambience that is dirty, noisey and echoey, to better reflect Walter’s ability to hear literally anything.

The results is a sound mix that has very quiet, intimate moments and harsher, grungey scenes that really amp up the intensity.

You can stream the whole movie on youtube HERE